Holbrook Basin Potash Deposit

The Colorado Plateau east of Holbrook is underlain by a potash deposit estimated by the AZGS to contain between 682 million and 2.27 billion metric tons of the mineral. This map shows contours of the estimated thickness of the potash-bearing layers in the subsurface, as well as the locations of permitted wells in the area. The deposit underlies lands that include private, State Trust, Tribal, and National Park holdings. In 2004 the Petrified Forest Expansion Act added 125,000 acres to the Park. However, much of that land remains privately owned.

Land Ownership

  • NPS Owned Lands
  • BLM Lands
  • Native Lands
  • State Trust Lands
  • County Lands
  • Private Lands

Mapped Features

  • Drilled Wells
  • Not Drilled Permitted Wells (since 2009)
  • Potash Thickness Contours (ft.)
  • Petrified Forest N.P. Boundary